2016 NYC Marathon

2016 NYC Marathon

Friend: So, why are you running the New York Marathon?
Easy answer: I know, I'm nuts. 
Pessimistic answer: Grumble, I know. I hate running in the New York heat and humidity. 
Personal answer: Catharsis? Running the 'loss' out of my body. 
Honest answer: Because  I'm crazy; who elects to run in this humidity? Because running a marathon is Pheidippidean and I want to work hard to accomplish a goal. And because training through the summer heat will be a far greater challenge than running through the winter; tomato-face-Tori. More importantly, because Hole in the Wall Gang Camp is a charity I love and am proud to raise money for again (3rd times the charm).  Because I believe in the charity's mission: seriously ill kids do deserve the chance to go to camp, make friends and be happy. Because together we can sprinkle a different type of healing into their life. And superficially, because I love Paul Newman, who amongst cookies and salad dressing, founded this camp. And personally important to me, because Paul was the only celebrity I've known my mom to have a crush on. But mainly, because I loved camp as a kid and attribute it to who I am! And because I want to do something good, for something I believe in and to feel the physical pain while I run out the emotional. 

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Once again, I'm putting on my running shoes to support this amazing cause. 

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