About Me


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Victoria Kuhr is a native of Connecticut and proud New Englander. At the age of 12 her first trip abroad was to England for her brother's wedding. There she picked up the travel bug and a red hot desire to rewrite her family ancestry with English roots. At 16, she biked across the United States in search of nothing, but seeing everything. Using her biking adventure as her personal essay, she was accepted and attended college south of the Mason-Dixon line to study history. Then at the age of 21, she spent a semester in Prague, to explore history first hand and put names to places studied. After graduation she moved to New York City in hopes that it would be like the TV show Friends. Jury is still out on that. 

As a self-proclaimed Anglophile, Victoria wears her affinity for all things English on her sleeve. Hell, you can practically hear her jumping up and down, shouting “Pick me! Choose me! Can I too have an English accent?” So at 25, she moved to London to earn her Master’s Degree in Information Management in the Cultural Sector at City University London. (She secretly hoped living there made her English by association of residency.)  

Upon returning to New York and missing her daily quote of British speak, she joined the newly minted Guardian US office. As an original member of Guardian US, for 5 years she helped build the US commercial digital strategy and grow the brand in the states. In January, she traded one British based company for another and joined the team at News Corp, helping brands reach their desired audience with pizzazz and relevance (hello user data!), while ensuring a beneficial and strong partnerships is the krux of her day job. 

But in a nutshell, Victoria is an accumulation of all these experiences. She is a marathon runner, cultural nerd and seeker of far-off destinations. She has a sore spot for cycling (ha!) and a great need for fresh air. She will one day own a travel bookshop that people will seek out when they plan their own grand adventures or will pop by for a cup of tea and a chat.