Uncharted Taratori



The idea of spinning a globe, eyes-closed and randomly placing my finger on what would be my next travel destination spawned from the book “How Did You Get This Number” by Sloan Crosely. In actuality, spawned isn’t really the right word, stolen, copied, aimed to replicate is more accurate. At the beginning of the book, Sloan finds herself in Lisbon, Portugal, which is the country her finger touched down on. Tremendously inspired, I thought, why the hell not do the same? I mean really, why not? What a daring way to travel leaving choice up to fate.

This went down in January. I had not yet accepted my new position at Culture Trip, a travel and culture site. My ideal of aligning my professional and personal experiences was not yet an actuality. That came at the end of the month and only solidified my desire to take this travel jump. So, while I psyched myself up for a solo trip, my friend Tara asked if I had any travel plans and if we could go somewhere together. And could we ever! I let her in on my grand scheme, which she was immediately all for.

Which brings us to this moment, dear reader. I invite you to hop aboard our journey and read along while we pick, plan and go on this daring adventure into “Uncharted Taratori”.

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June 2, 2017 Update: 

There has been a change o' plans to all of the above. Read about it below as well as our latest and greatest of what IS happening: