Uncharted Updates!

And so it goes...

Hi! Hello! Bonjour! Merhaba! Ahoy! Sorry for the silence! I'm here! I'm back and I have some news; some sad and some exciting!

First, as much as I resent having to change travel destinations due to the political climate and an unpredictable President (cough), Tara and I have decided to table South Korea for another year. Perhaps the Winter Olympics 2018? I was trying to ignore the voiced concerns about our travels to South Korea, trying to rationalize that no place is really safe. But the weeks immediately after I picked SK out of a hat, North Korea kept making a constant splash in the news. So owning to texts, news clips and voiced concerns from friends & family, I was convinced that maybe this wasn't the year to plan a trip to SK for the fall. Who knows what may or may not happen. And while I'm normally willing to take a risk, I could not think of much worse than having to cancel a perfectly crafted trip and end up with no travels. So to all those concerned with our safety, thank you. :)

And so the good news is we have a "Plan B." When we were searching for a good time to travel, both Tara & I realized we didn't not have a lot of overlapping free dates for a long trip. So making do with the time we had available, cross referencing that with the weather of various foreign destinations, we decided not to pick out of a hat again. I know, I know. Sometimes that is just the way things shake out. Good thing there are many years to come for spinning the globe. 


But what we have decided to do instead is pretty great. A new type of travel for the both of us. Next week, i'll give you the scoop. Expect posts on a regular basis now this trip deliberating is over. We got a destination and we got a lot to do!