Tomato Face Tori



While running my face tends to turn a deep red. I call it “Tomato Face Tori.” It is definitely not attractive and definitely not worn as a sign of easy running. But if you really think about it, it is kind of funny, right? What I mean to say is laugh! This summer’s humidity has been horrendous! Sweaty and salty don’t begin to describe the itchy feeling of an outdoor run. Did I say run? I meant swim. Because that is what I look like; a girl who has gone for a swim in her clothing and resurfaced to smash tomato’s on her cheeks to cool down! I encourage laughter at this gallery. Running is hard. Running in humidity is gross. I do it for the kids. (But really, I do). The kids at the Hole in the Wall. And these “Tomato Face Tori” are receipts of my effort.