Waves Trust & Q&A

Basic info please?

  • When: Sunday April 26, 2015
  • Where: London
  • Travel: Completely Tori funded
  • Charity Spot: Waves Trust

Run a Marathon before?

NOPE. Number 1 marathon. 

Why the LONDON Marathon?

My reader that is simple. If I am going to put my body through 26.2 miles of pain then why not do this in the greatest city? Why not distract my mind by gazing  at grand monuments? Why not pound the pavement of history? Why not wave hello to the statue of Queen Victoria mere steps from the finish? And why not I ask you, pick a marathon that finishes on the Mall outside Buckingham Palace? Not to mention getting cheered on by English accents, where friends stand with signs? If that does not explain it, very simply, I choose London because it is a city that I have grown to love.  

What is Waves Trust?

Waves was started by Malcolm and Margret Salvage in the memory and vision of their son Kerrigan, who passed away in Kenya in 1996.  Waves supports children's education & protection and preservation of wildlife in Kenya. Working with the Mukuru Promotion Center, donations help educate children from the slums of Nairobi where kids live in shacks in overcrowded conditions with no sanitation & running water. The Trust gives these children the opportunity to achieve the dignity of independence in adult life and help foster an appreciation for Kenya wild life and the understanding of the need to protect it. In short, Waves allows kids from the slums to have a better chance and to simply be a kid while they learn.

Why did I choose to run on behalf of Waves?

Now, this is a fantastic question. Last year my best friend's husband ran with Waves and he was the one who told me about the charity. The one thing he said that struck me was - you felt the difference you were making for this charity. 

And since fundraising is about making a difference, then being  apart of a 4 person team to raise money for a small charity was exactly what I wanted. Impact.  On a grander scale, the London Marathon is the major fundraiser for Waves. Donations help fund annual Ecology trips, DSWT for children's field trips and orphaned elephant care, school environmental projects to name a few. Importantly, fees for the sponsored secondary school students are covered entirely by your donation.

What Can YOU Do?

Dear reader! Yes, you. You are actually the difference I talked about above. Your donation goes far beyond this page. Your donation is palpable. Here's a sampling of what your generous funds support:

  • £10 provides a child with books for Maths and English.

  • £20 provides students with books about wildlife

  • £40 will buy a new desk

  • £250, or £10 per child, funds a school trip into Tsavo (where is this? why is this important?) 

  • Project fund is £2000 pa - Ecology Trips - unclear what this is

  • £1300, or £325 per child, supports four years of  study that lead to the Kenyan Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE)

And as Ewan McGregor croons, WE CAN BE HEROS: