Senior Year High School English- 2003
Vignette  2

Have a Fuckin’ Good Night


Walking over to my “Walrus” tent, I yell over to Charity and Carl “I’m going to bed, have a good night.”

“Sweet dreams and have a fuckin’ good night.” Charity yells back at me.

            Laughter erupts from every person, in every sleeping bag, in every tent, as if someone just told the joke to end all jokes. Jaimie thrusts herself on the ground laughing, her face getting all red like a jolly ol’ Santa Clause.  Charity repeated her good night wishes making everyone’s giggles louder and fiercer.

            I yell, “Charity, I can’t believe you said that. You made my day with such a simple phrase. Have a fuckin’ good night to you also!!”  She yells back “and fuckin’ sweet dreams!”

            Glowing, I crawl into my tent with the phrase ringing through my head like an alarm clock that won’t shut off. I feel tired but my heart is light with laughter. What a summer it has been, I think to myself. Wow. And I slip into my tangy orange sleeping bag. And I close my eyes.