Senior Year High School English- 2003
Vignette 1 


            Orange is the name of my sleeping bag, also referred to as “my baby.” The name originated from the dazzling tangy orange color that it is. It’s not just any orange color but a mix between the hot sparks of a campfire and the soft orange of a peach.

            Today is the first day of the trip and Jaimie, Catherine, and I are setting up our sleeping bags in our tent before the rain decides to start pouring down like a waterfall. Pulling out my orange sleeping bag, I stare at it in awe of its brilliant color.  I beam from side to side just looking at it. It gives me a magnificent feeling just to be able to own such a sleeping bag. “Jaimie, isn’t this the coolest color in the whole world? Oh, and look, it almost matches our tent! My sleeping bag is better, though. Lie down on it, it’s very comfortable and so soft.” The excitement inside of me is bursting out of every part of my body like a sponge getting squeezed to hard. “It’s so cool!”

 Josh, Carl, Chris, Charity, Catherine, Chuck, and Matt are all standing still, staring at me like I’m a babbling idiot, but I just gaze at my sleeping bag in amazement and think to myself, once they get to know me they’ll understand that I’m not a loony toon. We’ve got a whole two months together while we bike across the country to get to know each other, but for now, they can think whatever they want.