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The Experience; the end

Officially two week since the marathon and well, a lot has happened since. On the 6th, I ran the NYC Marathon, then two days later, on November 8th Trump became president to my dismay. Then the following week, I was laid off from work, in what i'll call Fusion carnage. But now it is Thanksgiving week, my favorite time of year, and I do have a bunch of thankful things to say: 

About the marathon...

YOU all helped me raise: $3,280 which is beyond my goal of $3,000! The morning before the marathon, I was met the wonderful organizers of Hole in the Wall during for a last pre-race run and bagels. Then that Saturday evening, we had a charity dinner where I not only met my fellow runners, but met a family whose two children spoke to us about what camp meant to them, which is everything; the one thing they look forward all year. It was humbling, it was human and it hit home. And as runners we shared our stories of why and how we became involved with Hole in the Wall. There was a great sense of community, to know i'm doing something bigger than myself. So, for the donations and support, Thank You, thank you once again. 

I finished 25 minutes faster than when I ran London and while I didn't quite make the time I had in my head, I am very proud to have improved on a much harder course. But I think I have my friends to thank for that. From everyone who tracked me on the app, down to those standing outside waiting for me to come past. I went into the day with so much support and a happy heart. I literally had someone to look for every few miles of the course, which not only distracted me from the pain of running, but kept me focused on the faces of the crowd. And most importantly, when the going gets tough around mile 18/19, and the mental battle normally begins, I had a crowd of friends waiting for me posters in hand, whooping and hollering! Let's just say I had no mental battles this run. I was just doing it. I saw these friends again at mile 25 before I headed into the home stretch and another incline running along 59th street and then at the end when it was all over. My sister-in-law had flown in from L.A. just to cheer me on and it meant the world to me.  London vs New York. I wouldn't mind running London again and really beating my time. But I can't do it without a cause to motivate me onwards. 

Now, it's is Monday November 21, the birthday of a dear friend of mine and the start of the best holiday week, Thanksgiving. The weather has turned cold and I spied a few snowflakes this morning. I'm thankful to have friends and family who are too good to me and supportive in the good times and bad. Back in May, my friend and I were cruising on Ha Long Bay, on the east coast of Vietnam, talking on the boat with foreigners about the upcoming Brexit vote and a crazy man named Donald Trump. It's shocking to think what has transpired since then.