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Horoscopes and Running

Every Tuesday I am emailed an unbelievably wacky and odd horoscope that I put little stock in, but read for the chuckle it consistently exudes. (Intrigued? Get yours here). And with that said, today's horoscope is setting the stage of this post:

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Your assignment, if you choose to accept
it, is to compose an essay on at least one of the following themes: 1.
"How I Fed and Fed My Demons Until They Gorged Themselves to Death."
2. "How I Exploited My Nightmares in Ways That Made Me Smarter and
Cuter." 3. "How I Quietly and Heroically Transformed a Sticky Problem into
a Sleek Opportunity." 4. "How I Helped Myself by Helping Other People."
For extra credit, Capricorn -- and to earn the right to trade an unholy duty
for a holy one -- write about all four subjects.

Bolded sentience: "How I helped myself by helping other people." Let's start there. I'm not sure that sounds so great, rather more self-serving and self-involved? But I guess at the essence of this little running adventure I am helping myself by helping others. By fundraising for 'Hole in the Wall' I am not only giving myself a goal (running and fundraising) I am getting into shape (I think). I like goals. And I like to feel good about doing something for someone else. But it does seem sort of selfish, in a good/bad way. At the heart of it, the ones who are helping others without helping themselves are YOU. You the donors who are supporting me and this charity. YOU who are fueling my runs with good vibes and a helping hand of belief. That's pretty selfless. So, for the first of many to come, thank you. 

(Consider this an essay; even if I didn't meet the correct word limit ;)