Sweat and Salt: Summer Training Blog

That time I took a hip hop class...

See title. Did your jaw drop? Pick it back up. Yes, I looked as hysterical as you're picturing me dancing.

As a self proclaimed white-girl-with-no-beat, I was invited to attend a hip hop class with a new friend of mine who goes regularly on Mondays. "Heck," I thought, "it's going to rain again and I could use it as a 'cross training' day." So, on Monday night, I found myself on the West Side, in a studio room with a diverse group of individuals ready to learn a routine. First, we went through 30 minutes of stretching, warming up by isolating parts of the body in a rounded motion, generally moving my hips in shocking ways. (At least I was stretching all those running muscles). For the next hour, we proceeded to learn a series of dance steps, breaking down the routine in small batches. To sum up the experience:

Did I have fun? Yes, I really did.  But it did confirm one thing, my beat is off, my hip movements aren't fluid and remembering a series of steps is quiet hard without trying to hit a beat. But next week I plan on improving.  And maybe in a few months time, I won't avoid watching myself in the studio mirrors.

And for full effect, this was what the dance should have looked like: