Uncharted Updates!

Clouds can talk?

Where to begin? Before I launch into the last post, there are a few days I need to catch up on. It would be wrong to hike the north of England and not mention the Brit’s favorite topic, the weather! And, also, I’d like to share with you the fuzzy friends we made along the way. So without further ado, a post on weather, flora and fuzzy sheep!

For the most part, we had spectacular weather; only one day of rain. And for me, one of the most mesmerizing sights of the trip were the expressive clouds. I’m enamored. I remember this feeling when I lived in London too. Something about English clouds, moving fast across the sky, closer to earth, taking on different shapes and sizes, it was if the clouds were communicating. Enough to make one want to lie down and try to interpret their mysterious message. Here, see for yourself.


Now for the sheepsies. Tara and I learned how to speak sheep. Field after field, we often found ourselves dodging sheep poo (which as an added skill, we can now decipher between the smell of sheep, cow and horse poo). We learned how to say: haaaayyyy and bahhyyyyeee like sheep. We learned how to roll our vowels in talking to them. And in turn they spoke back, curious as to who were we. They even serenaded us to sleep.

[Video to the right does not have visuals. Just sit back and listen to the sounds.]

Of course along our trek, we also became familiar with wild buttercups, foxgloves (purplue beauty below) and various birds. We were practical nature pros!


And that’s a wrap on the nature we found along Hadrian’s Trail.