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Snap, Crackle, Pop!

In order of importance I have 5 things to share:

1. Bill Nighy. You know, Bill Mack? YES. And this is what happened.

(Setting: Outside the John Gold Theater post-performance of 'Skylight.' Bill Nighy walks over to where Tori and Becky are standing to sign autographs. Bill is by Tori)

Tori: I'm a huge fan! (Thinking, wow where did that come from)
>>Bill looks up at Tori.
>>They make eye contact.
>>Tori floats up to cloud nine, while Bill's response is lost in the air.
>>Bill signs her Playbill, Becky enters.
Becky: Tori is training for the London Marathon!
Bill: Wow, is this your first marathon?
Tori: Yes it is
Becky: She loves London. She wouldn't run it anywhere else.
Bill: I've always admired people who can run a marathon, good luck!
>> The three take a selfie 
>> Bill moves on to other theatergoers
Becky: Tori, he just wished you good luck!
Tori: He did? Did I say thank you?
>>Tori has vague recollection of replying to Bill that this was in fact her first marathon. Good thing Tori has Becky who is traveling to London to watch said Marathon and can retell life changing story. For when Tori floated to cloud nine, she stayed and the rest of the conversation with Bill was lost to her. And in fact, she is still up there. Hasn't come down yet because her old British soul has sprouted wings.

2. I am now halfway through my fundraising goal at £918 raised! :) This is for all the ANONYMOUS donors and a play on The Thomas Crown Affair. I cannot THANK YOU in person or by email or with a warm fuzzy hug, so this THANK YOU is for you. 

3. I ran 18 miles! I ran 18 miles! My Nike App died at 17.8 but I kept going.

4. Warning. Caution. Consume at your own risk. In my attempt at finding tasty running 'fuel' I ate one of these gummy sticky chewy CLIFF Shot Bloks on said 18 mile run. I spit it out because I could not chew it let alone, chew, breathe and run. It wasn't until after my run that I noticed, that chewy Blok took out my filling and cracked my tooth. Now my tooth needs a crown! (No pun intended to the above video title. but maybe?)

5. Today, Thursday (happy thursday) I wore my WAVES shirt on my evening run. Test run - get it?
Test run. 

Bonus 6. I was promoted last Friday at The Guardian. The Guardian IS a British Company, so worth the mention ;)