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Something Big Is Happening.

3 hours sleep. 9 mile run. snow on the ground. I feel like a super trooper, maybe even a real runner. yea, maybe i've moved on from being a just a cyclist. i run. the below is my view, and to the left is my power song. he may be a teeny pop kid but what a running tune. one short n' sweet post. 

(Sunday, January 25, 2015, 38 degrees, sore)

PomPoms have magical running powers.


My socks have pompomsAnd because i'm wearing these magical pompom socks, I am happy. And because I am happy, I have the will/power/focus to run... 8 miles. It wasn't exactly easy. But it was at least 38 degrees outside. There were a few snowflakes and all my muscles were frozen over by the end, but that run was beauty. See, running around the outer lower loop of Central Park, I came to the following conclusion: it is the prettiest park in the world. I'd sooner call Bryant Park my favorite, although once outranked by Regents Park and St. James with the ducks, Central Park is the most diverse & surprising. Maybe it was the birch trees popping against the moody sky or maybe it was the snowflakes or the partially frozen over pond, but Central Park twinkled. Yes it did. As vast as CP is, I know it now like the back of my hand. Navigating the Ramble, to the Harlem Hill from Hell (as I've aptly named it) to Bethesda Fountain and the Poet's Walk, right on down to Alice in Wonderland. I'm happy to call this my running backyard. And I was happy to be running in such a lovely place with my yellow pompom socks.