2018 Run Musings


Glutes. Gluteus maximus. Buttocks muscles! I read recently that men tend to use their glutes more in running, while woman tend to use quads and hamstrings more in powering movement. Interesting. So, i’ve taken an inactive interest in my glutes. I always assumed they must be somewhat strong from all the running, but a few strength exercises have confirmed otherwise. They’re weak and could be much stronger. To boot, sitting all day hinders the engagement of glutes, meaning that when I do go for a post-work run, I’m probable that my glutes are lazy AF and are allowing my quads do all the work. How rude! So, not only do my glutes need a crash course in strength training, I need to figure out how to re-engage them to ensure they fire! To ensure they take the brunt of running and give my hamstrings a break. So i’m on a mission! The issue with this mission!

The mission has been not as fruitful as I’d like. Exercising the glutes means a sore running day. But this evening I think I had a breakthrough! I completed a few treadmill miles. (Yes only a few, because I could feel my life slipping away with boredom) and then I switched to weights. I engaged those butt muscles. I mindfully felt each buttock contract to ensure they were firing. And when I was done with the gym, I decided to walk home from the office. And let me tell you, that 30 minute walk felt great! I felt like I was gliding! Gliding home at a record pace without even trying to be fast. My glutes had been activated, that posterior to anterior swing was back in action and I was gliding. It’s been said, that the “glutes are the rotator cuff of the pelvis,” so now my aim is to keep that rotator cuff strong and well oiled and then maybe I have a chance of being a better marathoner!

The audacity of mosquitoes...

I'm one of those people that mosquitoes really like.  I could be in a crowd of a 100 people and they'll find me. I could be in a group of 2 and they'll choose me. And I could even be hiking the trail to Machu Picchu, fully covered up by clothing, and yet, somehow they will find a way to snack. In the case of Macchu Picchu, they hunted out the so-called gap between my socks and running leggings and feasted leaving a nice ankle bracelet of bites. And the downside to my mosquito bites is that they flare up big and then turn a deep red color. It's ages before my poor skin returns to normal. So while it's really nice to be thought of as attractive, I could do without being attractive to mosquitoes. 

Which brings me to my story focus. The other day I went for a nice balmy run. And when I say balmy, I looked as if I'd gone swimming, it was so humid. When I was done running my loop, I stopped for a mere moment to stretch and check my running app. The next thing I know, I have big fat welt on my leg! Ouch! The audacity of that mosquito! Took a second for the itch to start pinging. Do I have to constantly be in motion so they don't bite? I read online, that evening, that mosquitoes are drawn to people who have a greater build up on lactic acid on their skin. Go figure, i'm even taster after a good workout session. Which means, that yes, in order to not be bit, I must constantly stay in motion. And I'm not convince that would completely deter them.