2018 Run Musings

The audacity of mosquitoes...

I'm one of those people that mosquitoes really like.  I could be in a crowd of a 100 people and they'll find me. I could be in a group of 2 and they'll choose me. And I could even be hiking the trail to Machu Picchu, fully covered up by clothing, and yet, somehow they will find a way to snack. In the case of Macchu Picchu, they hunted out the so-called gap between my socks and running leggings and feasted leaving a nice ankle bracelet of bites. And the downside to my mosquito bites is that they flare up big and then turn a deep red color. It's ages before my poor skin returns to normal. So while it's really nice to be thought of as attractive, I could do without being attractive to mosquitoes. 

Which brings me to my story focus. The other day I went for a nice balmy run. And when I say balmy, I looked as if I'd gone swimming, it was so humid. When I was done running my loop, I stopped for a mere moment to stretch and check my running app. The next thing I know, I have big fat welt on my leg! Ouch! The audacity of that mosquito! Took a second for the itch to start pinging. Do I have to constantly be in motion so they don't bite? I read online, that evening, that mosquitoes are drawn to people who have a greater build up on lactic acid on their skin. Go figure, i'm even taster after a good workout session. Which means, that yes, in order to not be bit, I must constantly stay in motion. And I'm not convince that would completely deter them.