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I Just Want to Feel This Moment.

If it's not snow in New York, apparently it's rain? But a lovely 48-53 degree rainfall, which means it's practically spring outside! All day Tuesday there was sunshine and then around 4pm clouds gathered darkening the sky. Mentally I had planned for a glorious evening run and when I checked the weather later the afternoon (I really should do this more frequently) I saw rain at 90% chance starting the exact time my run would commence. What to do?  Rain un vs. treadmill? Yes. Rain run > treadmill.

And so I went home to make myself rain run ready! Armed, with the gratitude fuel from the generous donations I've been receiving from friends, family and Guardian family + the rational that it might just run on Marathon Day (hey it is London) I set off for Central Park. And as I amped up my music, Christina Aguilera belted,  'I just want to feel this moment.' I thought to myself 'Yes! Rain on my face and it is still a glorious run.' Pitbull echoed 'feel this moment.'