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I'm bacccckkkk!

I'm back! Back back back! And by that I mean back outside! Between the snow on Tuesday and the snowstorm on Thursday, the weatherman promised a 43 degree day on Wednesday! Unheard of. So I made it my priority to bust out of work at a decent time to make it to Central Park before dark for a long overdue outdoor run. And i'm happy to say, I AM BACK. Although its always more difficult to run outside, I somehow did my best mile in a long time. And since I'm easing myself back in to outdoor running, I stopped after a few miles when my muscles started to tense up. 'Best not to over run and get shinsplints.' The constant advice in my life (thank you all!)

The park was virtually empty except for us die-hard runners. It was dusk and the city was shrouded in a foggy sad fluffy blanket. The clouds were spurting silent drops. But it felt good to be outside. It felt good to sweat and have the wind cool me down. It was nice to run up inclines and on pavement and past people and have the surroundings of New York to occupy my mind. It was glorious. Glorious bits of running I love that one just does not get in a gym. 

This last photo is the snowstorm on Thursday. Just for a reference on New York Winter 2015!