Training Blog


Last Friday my Achilles Tendon started bothering me. Thinking maybe it was the 20 miles, so I took some time off running to ice and rest my ankle. I tried to rationalize that since I'm in tapering mode, it shouldn't be so bad to cut down on mileage, but still not running was making me nervous, which caused me to think about the next 14 days ahead. I had a lot of life to get through first and a lot on my plate and not running was not something I wanted to be doing. But if my ankle didn't improve, resting it I knew was key. Sigh.  

So naturally when I passed an antique shop in Chelsea, with this hippo sitting on the sidewalk. I thought BINGO! This is what the next two weeks feels like...

The next morning I woke to a comment from my 13 year old nephew, Seabass:  So proud of U Aunt Tori
And as cheesy as it is, my heart melted because my 13 year old nephew told me he was proud of me.  It's kind of humbling and felt like a big hug was being sent to me. 

And like a light bulb, I had some perspective, which was reiterated by the Universe this past week. From the book i'm reading 'Born to Run,' to the advice I received from coworkers and runners who have completed marathons: HAVE FUN. Come with a good attitude and be happy. Enjoy it. So if you ask me my goal time, I don't have one. My goal is to have fun and throw love at my Achilles Tendon so it too can enjoy the 26.2 miles.