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Yesterday, at work, at our weekly meeting,  two of my coworkers decided it would be a GREAT idea to get the whole team to bet on how long it would take me to finish the marathon. I refused to give them my 'ideal' time (who needs that pressure) so they wrote out 5 minute increments and handed out randomly. Then everyone ponied up  $10.00 -- $5.00 to the pot and the other $5.00 to Waves Charity. Not a bad boost to my fundraising... 

On to the fundraiser - here it is folks -- $617.00 raised from last Tuesday's Happy Hour at Mother's Ruin who renamed a Moscow Mule to the 'Guardian Mule' and put it on the mixed drink board for my guests and regular bar patrons alike! SLURP. I owe a huge thank you to my coworkers and friends who stopped by for a drink or two.. I couldn't be any happier with the success of the night. Roughly translated that is about 415 GBP. 

Lastly, when I cycled across the country in 2001, I regretted not cycling for a cause. Admittedly I didn't think about it at the time, nor did any of my fellow cyclists, until strangers started asking us along the way why we were biking 3,000 miles. In one small town, I distinctly remember the local paper interviewing us. A cause? We didn't have one. We were 16 years old biking to bike. So nearly 14 years later I'm thrilled to be undertaking another challenge for a great cause. 

And there's still time to donate. 6 days away (eeekk) Stephen Fry and I put together this video. Please watch, I love his British speak. Plus, I mean Stephen Fry advocating on my behalf..

From Mother's Ruin: 

1) Former Coworkers Reunion 2) Vodka induced 3) My Uncle Frank and myself!