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So here it is! Time is drawing close. On Sunday April 26th, mass start is at 10:10AM so depending on when I cross the line my time will begin. 

If you want to follow me, you can go to the Virgin Marathon Page which will have a link to track runners on or download the app. 

I have no hopes but to finish and have fun. The colder and cloudier the better - fingers crossed. The hotter and sunnier the slower I'll be. But ce la vie. My end time doesn't matter, I'll be out there collecting memories. 

My Running Number: 40645
My Name: Victoria Kuhr
The App:
The website
The excitement: TOWER BRIDGE! Running over that beauty. 
The outfit to look for: The Waves Logo (front & back), race number on the front and the American flag on my back. Why an American Flag you ask? Aside from being American, this flag waved from the back of my bike as I cycled across the country in 2001. So why not fold it up and stick it to my shirt? Why not indeed.